20% Off Selected Stones for Limited Period – Don’t Miss Out!

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We think there’s something special about bespoke natural stone flooring that, like the Egyptians, has its own history, each piece containing fossils that were formed millions of years ago. And it’s even nicer when it’s in the sale!

Between 1 July and 31 August 2017, you can enjoy 20% off when you order from our most popular range of flooring stones.

We’re including five of our favourites in the summer promotion so you’ll be able to choose from carefully selected world stones to our own locally quarried Lincolnshire limestone. There’s a stone for every home (or office/hotel/restaurant/shop!)

Did you know that natural stone is a great conductor of heat and will adjust to the temperature of your room? It’ll keep your home nice and cool this summer as well as working beautifully with underfloor heating in the winter for a cosy feel.

You’ll have no worries about installation either – we’re experts at making sure your new floor lasts a lifetime with the right sealing and maintenance. If you’re looking for a traditional style to suit an older property, why not consider an aged finish? Stone feels right at home in traditional farmhouses, rustic properties and barn conversions.

Let’s take a quick look at all the stones included in our summer flooring sale:


Audbourn Distressed is a traditional favourite which harmonises beautifully with older settings: this stone blends warm hues with intermittent grey veining, making it the perfect choice for cottages and farmhouses.


The lightly tumbled edges and fusion of rich and soft creams make Lima Cream perfect for both walls and floors. Sourced in Tunisia, it will bring a touch of Mediterranean appeal to your home.


For a dramatic stone featuring a fascinating fusion of fossils and shells, choose Jurassic, hand finished with a tumbled edge giving it a naturally aged look in a blend of light and dark tones.


Again originating in Tunisia, Atom Grey combines soft shades of grey and light blue with gently tumbled edges for timeless appeal.


One of our most popular stones is Normandy Buff, which fits in beautifully with any environment and benefits from a very subtle aged finish – a perfect partner to its soft cream and buff tones.

So now all you have to do is choose your favourite! For full details of what’s included in our 20% off summer promotion, click here.

This offer will only run until the end of August (last order date is Thursday 31st) so don’t leave it too long!

Choose Flooring That Stands The Test of Time

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Limestone Flooring BlogYou are probably already aware that limestone and sandstone were the main building stones in ancient Egypt – the preferred material for tombs, temples, obelisks and of course those famous pyramids (amazingly, the Khufu pyramid alone contains about 2.3 million blocks of limestone and granite, weighing up to 15 tons each). But did you know that limestone was also used widely in Egyptian homes?

It was chosen partly as protection against the climate and searing heat and partly as a status symbol. Rather than a mix of mud and reeds, wealthy Egyptians made their homes out of natural stone. They had them coated them inside and out with a white wash (limestone plaster) to deflect the heat and also to make them look pretty in the sunshine. Imposing granite gateways marked the entrance and showed your power and influence in the community.


Are You Ready for Alfresco Living?

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stone flooringAs Spring approaches, it’s time to start thinking about spending more time outside. Doesn’t your patio deserve an overhaul? Wouldn’t your garden look amazing with new stone flooring so that you can make the most of brighter days, lighter evenings and entertaining outside… and did somebody mention a stone pizza oven?!

Get your garden and outside area ready for the new season with our wonderful range of natural stone floor tiles and exterior stone flooring.


Stone Flooring – A Naturally Healthy Choice!

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Limestone Floor tiles for HealthNatural stone floor tiles have always been popular for use in commercial buildings and residential properties thanks to their robust and hardwearing nature. They look fabulous, age well and give a timeless quality everywhere they are used.

Lots of our customers choose exterior stone flooring to improve paved areas, gardens and patios but you can also use stone floor tiles inside the home in hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories, orangeries and boot room
As well as being a wonderful option for quality, style and beauty, natural stone floor tiles are also a hygienic choice.

Did you know…

One square metre of carpet can contain up to 100,000 dust mites!

These tiny creatures (part of the spider family) don’t bite or transmit diseases but what they produce can be a real problem for allergy sufferers. Simply walking on a carpet or vacuuming releases the dust mite debris into the air. (more…)

Stone Types in the Pool Area

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Tile Flooring for PoolsFor people who are lucky enough to have a swimming pool area in their home, they need to think carefully about what flooring to use. Of course, this isn’t limited to just people with swimming pools, it also applies to people with Jacuzzis, hot tubs, and even bathrooms.
There are a number of factors that need to be considered when you are choosing a flooring type in any of these areas, including:

• Easy to clean
• Water resistant
• Able to withstand weather changes
• Non-slip
• Hard wearing
• Stylish


Limestone Flooring for Every Occasion

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natural stone floor tiles

Limestone is excellent for the use of flooring both inside and outside your home. And with such a wide range to choose from, you can almost certainly find one which will suit your needs in terms of its properties, and style to add the perfect finishing touch to the inside or outside of your house.

Whether you are looking for smooth, seamless, with fossils, white or honey coloured, there are a number of different limestone tiles to choose from. So what natural stone floor tiles are there?


Bringing the Outside in and the Inside Out with Limestone Floor Tiles

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Limestone Floor TilesFor those who are lucky enough to have an outdoor space in their home, it can be nice to try to extend that space into your house. Creating a seamless transition between outside and inside areas can make your house look and feel bigger and lighter. And by bringing some of the outside into your home you can bring that feeling of freshness, space and tranquillity that comes with outdoor spaces to the inside.

Bi-Folding Doors

One of the best ways to help to smooth the transition between the inside and outside is to fit bi-folding doors. These doors usually involve top to bottom glass to let the maximum amount of light in as well as open smoothly by folding back, allowing the maximum amount of `door gap`. When you open bi-folding doors, you can effectively open the divide between the inside and outside of your home.

Limestone Floor Tiles


Stone Flooring in Commercial Projects

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Commercial FlooringWhether you are opening or refurbishing a restaurant, shop, golf club or local swimming pool, it is important that you get the flooring of your commercial project right. You need to have a flooring that not only serves the specific needs of your business – perhaps one that is non-stick, easy to clean, hard wearing or water resistant, for example, but also gives the space the look and style that you are after.

Commercial Projects

When you are designing the space for a commercial project, functionality and style are the two most important factors. You need to make sure that the space works commercially, with the flooring being able to withhold the footfall, movement of items such as chairs and tables and that it doesn`t promote problems or hazards such as the risk of slipping. If it is an outside space, you will also need to think about how it will cope with extreme weather conditions including quite drastic temperature changes.


English Revival – Grey was the colour

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Lincolnshire Old English Cream Stone FlooringIn the wonderful world of interiors fashions and trends come and go but thankfully for us our own locally quarried limestone flags and tiles remain timeless with their neutral tones.

Last year grey was in, like a revolving door on a five year setting the subtle and dark grey limestones make a very brief appearance as the ‘interior designers favourite’ of course we cater for this but English stones are limited when it comes to grey, so often we seek imported stones from French limestone to Moroccan limestones that are plentiful in their range of greys.

In the early years while we were producing nothing but our own Lincolnshire limestone with cream and golden hues I found it puzzling by the fact that anyone would want a cold sometimes dreary looking grey concrete like looking floor. In the UK our summer is obviously somewhat restricted with this in mind our homes tend to have a feel of warmth, open fires, log burning stoves a cosy place of sanctuary from the long winters. But we do get it grey works all be it is more challenging to put colour schemes together some of our favourite projects consist of aged grey flagstones with a contemporary backdrop.

But right on que as with every grey five year fad, neutral cream coloured limestones have made something of a revival, our own Lincolnshire stones have once again been a popular choice with both home – owner and architects/interior designers alike and long may it continue as we operate two limestone quarries in Lincolnshire with 50 years of reserves.

View our current range of stones stone floor tiles, or at our newly opened showroom, details can be found here.



Charlbury blue/brown limestone

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When it comes to the interior design, construction, or development trades there are a multitude of areas in which decisions and choices can make or break a project, and one of the most notable is that of materials used. Whether it is a cost and benefit analysis of a more expensive raw material or a purely aesthetic decision based on what material will appeal more to potential buyers, the choice of what materials will be used in your project is absolutely crucial.

That is never truer than in the area of flooring and it is for that reason that limestone block flooring, and especially the more unique and eye-catching versions such as Charlbury blue/brown stone, are becoming increasingly popular with designers and developers. There are after all a multitude of benefits inherent in choosing limestone flooring, as well as specific advantages offered by the beautiful Charlbury blue/brown stone itself.

Why choose limestone flooring

Before moving on to the particular characteristics and advantages of including Charlbury blue/brown stone in your project, let’s first briefly discuss the main reasons why an increasing number of people are coming to take the limestone flooring option.

Firstly, the general appearance of limestone makes it ideal for use in new build properties or in redevelopment projects. The material gives an impression of class and style, whilst maintaining a neutral tone which remains timeless.

Further to this, the low porosity and hard-wearing nature of limestone is clearly a plus when it comes to flooring which is likely to see a high amount of traffic. This makes limestone block flooring a smart choice as a long term investment.

It should be clear to see then, that limestone flooring can be a great choice for any project. When it comes to choosing which type of stone is right for your project, the Charlbury blue/brown option has many of its own qualities to consider.

Charlbury blue/brown stone

There are two main ways in which Charlbury blue/brown stone can be seen as ranking above some other limestone flooring choices. Namely it’s hard-wearing nature and unique and individual appearance.

Charlbury blue/brown limestone is a limestone type which has a tighter graining than some other options which is what increases its hard-wearing nature even further. As such then, this particular stone proves to be a lower maintenance flooring option which has a quality that is sure to sustain for many years.

Possibly the major and most notable reason why many people decide to choose Charlbury blue/brown limestone for their projects however, is due to its individual and eye-catching appearance. The beautiful Lincolnshire sourced limestone has an unusual and unique blue, beige, and shell-filled appearance which, whilst retaining a largely natural and stylish tone, adds that little bit of wow factor which can be missing from some limestone flooring.

You could do no better than choosing to use Charlbury blue/brown limestone flooring if your desire is for flooring which is beautiful, stylish and will stand the test of time.

For more information about Charlbury blue/brown limestone, or any of our other products, please contact us here or visit our website